Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

This summer marks my ninth year as an adoptive parent. The summer of 2010 was such an exciting time for our family as we boarded a plane heading to the Far East.  That trip would change our lives forever but I am unsure that any of us, including our adopted son, understood the challenges that... Continue Reading →


A Dog can Teach you a lot about Life

  Her name is Belle.  A Christmas present to my girls in 2003, she was named after the princess from Beauty and the Beast. Yes, when you are the pet of 3 girls under 6 you get a Disney name.  After 12 years, she has become a part of the fabric of our family.  She... Continue Reading →

Is your Youth Ministry failing in the most crucial areas?

A majority of twenty-somethings—61% of today’s young adults—had been churched at one point during their teen years but they are now spiritually disengaged (i.e., not actively tending church, reading the Bible, or praying). -George Barna Over 2/3 of the teens who are active in our youth ministries will completely drop out of church after their... Continue Reading →

Is there a growing theological chasm between SBC seminary grads and the local church?

For years SBC churches have depended on our 6 seminaries to adequately train pastors and ministers for the work of ministry.  For the most part, our seminaries have done (and are doing) an amazing job to this end.  Our 6 seminaries are among the finest theological training grounds in the United States. Students often leave... Continue Reading →

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