Samford’s Ministry Training Institute

Continued learning is a critical component of disciple making, ministry longevity, and a sustained joy and satisfaction in serving the Lord. Samford MTI has numerous options for Christians and church leaders to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word, and their effectiveness in serving. With 38 locations in Tennessee, Alabama and Florida along with online alternatives and professional certificates MTI makes ministry education accessible to any one who has a desire for it. The Ministry Training Institute is making a sizeable difference in the lives of hundreds of people every year. Interested in our Biblical Diploma program? Courses are only $50. Need training in pastoral leadership, worship leadership, disciple making, women’s leadership? Our online certificates can be completed in less than one year and all classes are taken online. Samford University is committed to the local church because Samford was started through the ministry of local churches. This is simply our way of giving back and equipping those whom God has called to serve. Courses are not only for those who are serving the church on staff, as a matter of fact the majority of MTI students are lay leaders in their church. To find out more about our programs of continued learning, visit our website Commit yourself to be a life-long learner! Samford’s Ministry Training Institute can help.


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