Friendly Fire in the SBC: A Call to Unity

There were many tragic events during the years of the Second World War, but perhaps one of the most troubling occurred on July 25, 1944. As the Normandy campaign began with the historic beach landings of D-Day, massive allied bombing campaigns ensued clearing the way for Operation Overlord. Around 3,000 allied planes took flight that... Continue Reading →

Increasing Diversity in SBC Churches

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of taking part in a Solemn Assembly hosted by a local Baptist Association.  The gathering was special for many reasons, but the diversity of the participants and the audience was encouraging.  On the platform were White, Black, Hispanic and Asian church leaders each sharing scripture and calling the... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Sign of a Healthy Church may not be Baptism Numbers

How many baptisms has your church had this year?  Pastors hear this question all the time.  It is a figure that gets prominent attention when the annual church profiles are released each year.  Pastors get bigger churches when this figure is up, they are more respected by peers and can even win denominational awards.  Yet,... Continue Reading →

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