The Dumbing Down of Church Membership: An Emerging Crisis in the Modern Day Church

In an effort to receive new members, many struggling churches in America have neglected the Biblical and historical model of what it means to be a member of a local body of believers.  Entrance into church membership ought to be covenantal, restrictive, and worthy of careful discernment. If a church becomes desperate to receive new... Continue Reading →

The Least Prayed Prayer and Satan’s Most Consistent Lie

     I have always been humbled by the story of Baptist missionary William “Bill” Wallace.  The son of a physician in rural Tennessee, Bill was more interested in auto mechanics than going to the foreign mission field.  On a hot summer July afternoon as he was in the garage trying to get an old car... Continue Reading →

The Christian Dilemma: Balancing Grace and Truth

In 1997 pastor Ken Smith of University Reformed Presbyterian Church sat down and wrote a letter to the most unlikely recipient.  Dr. Rosaria Champaign was a tenured English professor at Syracuse University and widely renowned as a scholar in feminist theory.  Dr. Champaign was a lesbian, a LBGTQ activist and outspoken critic of the “religious... Continue Reading →

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